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Friday, January 9, 2009

no more drama

i ll not say what tragedy happened yesterday, but i ll say what i dont want to happen to anybody: to play with their lives as it is only a joke and finalise with a drama.

no drugs or alchool and driving
no journey with out safety belt
no too fast driving

Be carefull!

Monday, January 5, 2009

first working monday

So the working year started.

Of course like usual with people already stressed out, with traffic jams, with students that think that vacantion is not over yet, with tasks that should be already done, with new perspectives, hopes, wishes, projects..... all very big, important, imperatives, not delayble and for sure a lot of them totally non realistic.

I think people should be more tolerant this year, and not expect to much from 2009.

Why? Because of the global crisis, will also affect Romania.

Do i have big expections? Maybe.


Sunday, January 4, 2009

what i like

i guess that i was always fascinated by big cityes, and i had the luck to discover some of them little by little.

i dont like to discover the touristic city but the real life behind the touristic guiedes.

and trully recomend to all the travellers to do the same thing.

in london i like portobello road, brick lane, camden town, holland park, old street, soho, hampstead, east london........

paris is always fascinanting wiht his little stoned streets from montmartre, with the antique market from cligancourt and st ouen.with the particular smell of his the images that periferique interieure offers you, especially when the traffic is completlely blocked.

dubai is spectacular for me in the old souk area, with the old boats on the sand, with the flavoured and coloured s really something different from everything that exists there artificially created with a lot of sacrifices from the workers.

new york is beautyfull for me in areas like soho, brooklyn, greenwich village, litlle italy, harlem, bronx. i must admit that unfortunatelly i hadn t enough time to discover it too much.

to be continued

Saturday, January 3, 2009

james laver's law in fashion

10 years before its time

5 years before its time

1 year before its time

- trendy
1 year after its time

10 years after its time

20 years after its time

30 years after its time

50 years after its time

70 years after its time

100 years after its time

150 years after its time

and this rhythmicity of elements can be found also in interior design , art , music ....

Thursday, January 1, 2009

wish list 2009

well well :
1. be inspired and make impressive projects
2. visit the most important interior and fashion design fairs , and the most interesting art exhibitions
3. paint and create more art objects
4. get more involved in humanitarian and social acts
5. and many more....(if only the time would t existed)
what about your wish list?

who i am , what i like, ....

i am a romanian artist painter and interior designer who had worked and travel in very different places arround the world. i ve worked in paris ,place that i love the most excepting maybe new york, london and dubai .

dubai was the longest working experience for me, almost two years, quiet interesting but very tiring in the psychologic way.

london was exactly the opossite.

paris was something in between, but with all the minuses that suposses living in france i trully think it worth.

now being back in romania i am trying to stay connected with what s new in fields like art, interior design, fashion , literature.......

i hope my blog will be helpfull for all the persons interested in what is really beautyful in our days.